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Image by Adarsh Kummur


1984-Diplomat Gallery, Tel Aviv

1985- Gallery Simmermacher,  Zurich

         -Meier Art Gallery, Ra'anana

1985/1994-Sharon Gallery, Herzliya

1985- Rehavia Gallery, Jerusalem

1988- Gallery Migros, Zurich

         -Gallery Venus, Honeg

1990- Zum Glasshuus Gallery, Zug

        -Ruth Debel Gallery, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

1992- Israel Museum, Jerusalem, on stage exhibit and lecture

1993-1994- International Modern Art Gallery, Philadelphia, U.S.

Image by Sander Crombach

Group Exhibits

1986- Israeli Art Traveling Exhibit in U.S. and Canada

1992- Japan Traveling Exhibit

         -The Funding Center, Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

         -The American Society for Interior Designers, Washington, D.C.

         -The Michael Stone Collection, Washington D.C.

Image by Adarsh Kummur

About Max Allon

Born in Bialystok, Poland. Max studied economics, law, and social sciences in Prague and Vilnius

Has been studying with Israeli Artists since 1979, as well as in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in New York City, New York.

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